Must Have Things In A Tennis Player’s Kit

Must Have Things In A Tennis Player’s Kit


Want to have a sneak-peek into a tennis player’s kit? Well, here we are, with all the essentials every tennis player has and lugs around in his kit! So here’s what the pros carry in their tennis kits – read on:

1. Rackets

Umm.. yes! This is the most essential item in a tennis player’s kit. And no it doesn’t really require a lot of guessing or anything – because the racket is the weapon with which the tennis players slay on the court! And yes, this doesn’t mean only one racket – it means you have one (or a couple) of spare rackets too, just in case of some mishap!


2. Tennis balls

Why waste time before the match when you can warm up with those spare tennis balls in your kit? A perfect warm up, you can also get accustomed to your racket a little while before the match.

3. Extra of well, everything

You don’t need only spare rackets – the kind of sports tennis is, you need to have an extra pair of shoes, clothes, sweatbands, laces, towels – everything! Because well, a tennis match can be done in either half an hour or go on for four long hours too! You got to be prepared, right?


4. Towel

What else are you going to use to wipe off the sweat and blood! You often see tennis stars flaunting their branded towels during match intervals! And yes, they do it quite a lot – guess it gives them some time to ponder over the match and build up their strategy as they wipe off the sweat and grime!

5. Warm up kit

How about a jump rope? A foam roller? Including essentials like these in your kit will help you warm up right before a match – get you all pumped up with a hundred jumps over the rope! A foam roller is perfect to prep you before the match or even during intervals. And yes, they’re great when it comes to

Warm up kit

6. Grip reels

What use if the racket keeps slipping off your hand just because your grip reel wore out and you forgot to carry an extra grip reel? Well, to make sure you have your grip as stable as it was in the beginning even towards the end, make sure you carry along your grip reel. It’s of great use and a saviour in times you really need it!