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Tennis is a sport that’s known far and wide for not only being demanding and challenging but also for its sportsmanship and candour. And amongst all of this, there have also been quite a lot of players who ensured that they played tennis well enough to make not only their own names, but also that of tennis popular around the world. Who are these stars? Here’s a list of the most famous tennis players of all time:
Serena Williams
This list would be incomplete if this name hadn’t popped up. And why not? The immense dedication Serena Williams has for the sport has kept her going despite giving birth to a child and winning 23 Grand Slams in her kitty! There has been no looking back for this thunderous star who began playing this game since a very young age. She has got past through with sheer determination and hard work – and we can’t wait to see more of her action on court!

Caroline Wozniacki
The first women from a Scandinavian country to have made her mark in international tennis. Caroline Wozniacki impressed the world with her sheer finesse at the sport. With a number of Grand Slam wins under her belt, she has displayed stunning tennis in both singles and doubles avenues. While injuries did mar her career, she made sure she had a strong comeback every time she was back on the court.
Sania Mirza
The most high profile and highest paid tennis players in India, Sania Mirza was the first Indian woman to have paved her way into the international tennis. She did not have it easy – and though she too, took up tennis at the young age of six, there were many challenges that deterred her way. But this lady took it all in her stride and emerged as a glorious star, who put India on a high rank in International tennis. She too is in a comeback mode after just having given birth to a child this year.

Maria Sharapova
The first Russian female tennis player to break into top rankings, Maria has had an injury-prone career with a lot of other setbacks, but no giving up. Failure never bogged this lady down, and she successfully managed to keep the tennis player in her alive and kicking for a long time – something which is a commendable feat in the world of tennis. Again with a number of Grand Slams in her kitty, Sharapova isn’t in a mood to stop – and we don’t want her to, either!