Best Foods For Sportspersons

Best Foods For Sportspersons


Those active in sports need to watch their diet carefully. The food intake of a sports person should be such that it doesn’t add up to frivolous calories and provide only energy and nutrition. Sportspersons have to eat nutritious food to make sure their body is fully ready to match up with the exertion that sports demands. So if you’re a sportsperson, here’s a list of the best foods which you should include in your diet:


The best fish out there which comprises of lean meat and is also a storehouse of omega3 fatty acids – both of which are significant from a sportsperson’s point of view. A great source of protein, salmon, is the perfect form of stored energy for people with active lifestyles. Refuel your energy levels as you include salmon in your diet as a replacement to red meat in your diet.


Not only are bananas a storehouse of potassium (essential for you, as you lose a lot of minerals during workouts), but they’re also perfect energy boosters which perk you up after an intense workout session. Bananas also regulate the fluid intake in your body – which is essential as drinking too much water after a rigorous workout can cause muscle cramps and spasms.


An abundant source of carbs and proteins, milk too, is a great option you can opt for after a workout session. It will rejuvenate you instantly, refilling you with all the lost nutrients during the intense regime. You could even add chocolate to the milk you drink, the caffeine content in chocolate dilates blood vessels, which instantly soothes the muscles. A glass of milk works wonders!



Raw oil should be a part of your diet. Oil drawn from flaxseeds, coconuts and even olives have loads of anti-inflammatory properties which work best for athletes as they’re constantly on the lookout for ways to soothe their aching muscles! These oils also improve your endurance levels and help you draw energy from saturated fat in the oil.


A fistful of nuts is just right for a sportsperson who is always on his toes. Mixed nuts are best to snack on when you feel those sudden urges of hunger pangs. Instead of snacking on some protein bars or some other unhealthy snack, it’s best you opt for these healthy nuts. They not only level out your blood sugar levels but are also a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins which you need in ample as an athlete.