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Best Foods For Sportspersons


Those active in sports need to watch their diet carefully. The food intake of a sports person should be such that it doesn’t add up to frivolous calories and provide only energy and nutrition. Sportspersons have to eat nutritious food to make sure their body is fully ready to match up with the exertion that sports demands. So if you’re a sportsperson, here’s a list of the best foods which you should include in your diet:
The best fish out there which comprises of lean meat and is also a storehouse of omega3 fatty acids – both of which are significant from a sportsperson’s point of view. A great source of protein, salmon, is the perfect form of stored energy for people with active lifestyles. Refuel your energy levels as you include salmon in your diet as a replacement to red meat in your diet.
Not only are bananas a storehouse of potassium (essential for you, as you lose a lot of minerals during workouts), but they’re also perfect energy boosters which perk you up after an intense workout session. Bananas also regulate the fluid intake in your body – which is essential as drinking too much water after a rigorous workout can cause muscle cramps and spasms.
An abundant source of carbs and proteins, milk too, is a great option you can opt for after a workout session. It will rejuvenate you instantly, refilling you with all the lost nutrients during the intense regime. You could even add chocolate to the milk you drink, the caffeine content in chocolate dilates blood vessels, which instantly soothes the muscles. A glass of milk works wonders!

Raw oil should be a part of your diet. Oil drawn from flaxseeds, coconuts and even olives have loads of anti-inflammatory properties which work best for athletes as they’re constantly on the lookout for ways to soothe their aching muscles! These oils also improve your endurance levels and help you draw energy from saturated fat in the oil.
A fistful of nuts is just right for a sportsperson who is always on his toes. Mixed nuts are best to snack on when you feel those sudden urges of hunger pangs. Instead of snacking on some protein bars or some other unhealthy snack, it’s best you opt for these healthy nuts. They not only level out your blood sugar levels but are also a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins which you need in ample as an athlete.

Famous Female Tennis Players

Female Tennis

Tennis is a sport that’s known far and wide for not only being demanding and challenging but also for its sportsmanship and candour. And amongst all of this, there have also been quite a lot of players who ensured that they played tennis well enough to make not only their own names, but also that of tennis popular around the world. Who are these stars? Here’s a list of the most famous tennis players of all time:
Serena Williams
This list would be incomplete if this name hadn’t popped up. And why not? The immense dedication Serena Williams has for the sport has kept her going despite giving birth to a child and winning 23 Grand Slams in her kitty! There has been no looking back for this thunderous star who began playing this game since a very young age. She has got past through with sheer determination and hard work – and we can’t wait to see more of her action on court!

Caroline Wozniacki
The first women from a Scandinavian country to have made her mark in international tennis. Caroline Wozniacki impressed the world with her sheer finesse at the sport. With a number of Grand Slam wins under her belt, she has displayed stunning tennis in both singles and doubles avenues. While injuries did mar her career, she made sure she had a strong comeback every time she was back on the court.
Sania Mirza
The most high profile and highest paid tennis players in India, Sania Mirza was the first Indian woman to have paved her way into the international tennis. She did not have it easy – and though she too, took up tennis at the young age of six, there were many challenges that deterred her way. But this lady took it all in her stride and emerged as a glorious star, who put India on a high rank in International tennis. She too is in a comeback mode after just having given birth to a child this year.

Maria Sharapova
The first Russian female tennis player to break into top rankings, Maria has had an injury-prone career with a lot of other setbacks, but no giving up. Failure never bogged this lady down, and she successfully managed to keep the tennis player in her alive and kicking for a long time – something which is a commendable feat in the world of tennis. Again with a number of Grand Slams in her kitty, Sharapova isn’t in a mood to stop – and we don’t want her to, either!

Healthy Habits Every Sportsperson Should Imbibe


Now that you have chosen to make a career out of sports, you need to know that the task ahead is challenging. Not impossible, but yes, challenging. And in this journey, you have to consider a lot of aspects – yourself, your health, your fitness and diet. In this post, we have mentioned a couple of habits which you, as a sportsperson, need to imbibe in yourself:
Dedication is the key
There are days when you will feel like giving up. There will be times when you will question your decision. These are the moments of doubt which you have to surpass. Remember, you can come back with your strongest when you are at your weakest. And nothing other than dedication will get you past these tough places.

Breaks are important
You need to understand your body. Overexertion is not going to help you., If you are injured, tired know that you are not a machine – you have to stop, take rest and get back with a bang. And taking a day off doesn’t mean you aren’t dedicated enough towards your sport. It’s just that you care enough about your sport that you are taking care of yourself to make sure you are fit to play the sport.
Watch your diet
Binge eating, cheat diets are okay once a while. But not every day. Make sure your eating habits are healthy and nutritious. Everything that you eat should be nutritious and a storehouse of energy. Remember that the sport you play requires a lot of energy and the food you eat is the only source of energy you have. Eat healthy, organic stuff to keep yourself fit, fine and agile.
Never begin your day without a bout of warm up. Warming up helps to ease the body muscles and prepares them for the high-intensity stuff that you are going to put your body through. So yes, don’t skip warm up in any case – you know your fitness regime well, so ensure you stick to it thoroughly.

Keep yourself hydrated
With the kind of high-intensity workouts and exercise you have, keeping yourself hydrated is essential. If you know your body is lacking in specific vitamins or minerals, make sure you take in approved supplements to maintain your fitness and energy levels. Fluids and vitamins form an essential part of your regime – so keep a watch!

Must Have Things In A Tennis Player’s Kit


Want to have a sneak-peek into a tennis player’s kit? Well, here we are, with all the essentials every tennis player has and lugs around in his kit! So here’s what the pros carry in their tennis kits – read on:

1. Rackets
Umm.. yes! This is the most essential item in a tennis player’s kit. And no it doesn’t really require a lot of guessing or anything – because the racket is the weapon with which the tennis players slay on the court! And yes, this doesn’t mean only one racket – it means you have one (or a couple) of spare rackets too, just in case of some mishap!

2. Tennis balls
Why waste time before the match when you can warm up with those spare tennis balls in your kit? A perfect warm up, you can also get accustomed to your racket a little while before the match.

3. Extra of well, everything
You don’t need only spare rackets – the kind of sports tennis is, you need to have an extra pair of shoes, clothes, sweatbands, laces, towels – everything! Because well, a tennis match can be done in either half an hour or go on for four long hours too! You got to be prepared, right?

4. Towel
What else are you going to use to wipe off the sweat and blood! You often see tennis stars flaunting their branded towels during match intervals! And yes, they do it quite a lot – guess it gives them some time to ponder over the match and build up their strategy as they wipe off the sweat and grime!

5. Warm up kit
How about a jump rope? A foam roller? Including essentials like these in your kit will help you warm up right before a match – get you all pumped up with a hundred jumps over the rope! A foam roller is perfect to prep you before the match or even during intervals. And yes, they’re great when it comes to

6. Grip reels
What use if the racket keeps slipping off your hand just because your grip reel wore out and you forgot to carry an extra grip reel? Well, to make sure you have your grip as stable as it was in the beginning even towards the end, make sure you carry along your grip reel. It’s of great use and a saviour in times you really need it!